All about us you may need to know

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The guy behind AnimaTWebServices .Founded in the year 2015 single handle raised  AnimaTWebServices from the ground to become something known .The name is Tonny (AnimaTonny) Chinaka a 3D Animation artist living in Harare ,is always working on something new whether Animating ,3D Modeling ,Programming or Web designing he is always doing something to put to the world hoping to be received with open arms .The guy himself has great passion to try perfect all he does and make great use of all opportunities coming his way .


What AnimaTonny does for fun

-Designing Logos

cubedbame (2)

-Creating Animations

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-Creating 3D Models

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Interested in these you can catch more of the objects and models made and sold on this site


or you can check up some video tutorials on this link also


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