Thought provoking facts

The internet is something i would like to devote my time to studying, as big and intriguing as it is we still have a lot to know about it. Here are a some facts that got me thinking.


The internet weighs as much as one strawberry

Russel Seitz is a physicist who has crunched some very precise numbers.  With some atomic physics assumptions, the billions upon billions of ‘data-in-motion’ moving electrons on the Internet add up to approximately 50 grams.  That is 2 ounces, the weight of one strawberry. Now that i know that i know that the internet is 2 ounces, how many ounces will a website have?

 The  online dating business generates over a billion dollars each year.

According to Reuters and PC World, the statistics for online dating in the USA are very high.,  reveals that the online dating industry alone has annual revenues of up to 1.7 billion dollars. While this just touches on USA alone one can begin to wonder how much is spent on this business world wide, what does this now tell us about the dynamics of dating? All thanks to the internet.

to be continued…………

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