How to make money online with a website Part1


Here are some of my findings i got for how to earn while having a website. I will post next other findings on how to earn without a website online.

1- Affiliates / Affiliate Marketing

Through the use of affiliates you can join some affiliate groups where buy you agree to sell their products whether its software or hardware . You will be given a commission out of the products bought and it will be wired into your account whether bank or their site account depending with the policies of the Affiliate Company you are working for.

Affiliate marketing has its Pros and Cons .

Advantages -all you need to do is to implement the affiliate code you are connected with your account. So its easy to use no coding and linking needed. So you just post the link on your site and depending on your traffic the higher traffic the higher chance someone might like what you are selling and they will go to the site with the product using your post referral and when they purchase it your commission is deposited into your account.

Disadvantages – its a point of chance and also hard work because you need to keep pushing the word out until it reaches someone who is interested out of the many so you have to find ways to keep posting and referring in different ways that can attract or convince someone to purchase.

Some affiliates come with shops/pages that they give you so you manage on your own whether prices and appearances so you can increase the value and get that percentage you already supposed to get e.g lets say you have an affiliate shop for selling cars and there’s a car going for $200 and you will earn 50% if its sold under your affiliate link or shop . Then you edit the vehicle price and make it $500 and when someone buys it you will be still given your 10%.

Some good affiliates to try are

CJ Affiliate


2-CPC (Cost Per Click)

This is one of the most favored method of earning money. By the use of adverts displaying on your desired area of you website ,once a visitor hits your website and come across the interesting ad as soon as they click on that ad they will be redirected from your website to that adverts website and a few Dollars and Cents will deposited in your earnings account.

So if you attract expensive ads by the attractiveness and well organised site arrangement and content the more expensive ads appearing on your site will mean when clicked more money coming your way.

Displaying banners based on a cost-per-click basis is the easiest way to make money with a site.

Usually it’s just a matter of creating the ad banners and placing them in visible places and within the guidelines. You then get paid for each click on the ads. CPC ads come in many forms, from the traditional 468×60 banners to in-text advertising.

Google’s AdSense program made this model very popular, and it still offers the highest payouts by far. Google’s guidelines are strict though. It’s tempting to put ads right next to navigation items and gain on accidental clicks, but this can get your account banned.

You are given a percentage of the revenue made on each click, so more popular terms bring in more revenue. Earnings from

Some of the best sites for this are

Google AdSense (Yahoo! and Bing ads)




3-Advertising Space

You can also earn money by selling advertisement space. You give a portion or spot on your website to place companies adverts for a particular period and get paid either once a month or periodically depending on your agreements.

This will give you stable monthly income as the company will pay and you give them the space for the whole month to advertise their product.

The money you will get will not be as great as the Google Adsense CPM as this Space you provide will be only for 1 company. The only good thing is its definite that you will get your money but at the same time you will need to have a high impressive traffic on your Website so that companies are confident to be published.

Some great sites who help in making this possible are



4-Sponsored Content

Also called advertorials, sponsored content is a great way of adding valuable content to your site while earning some money in the process.

With sponsored content, advertisers write posts on the topic your site covers to show their expertise and build their brand.

It’s also a great way of doing a sponsored giveaway together with an advertiser (so you can feel a bit like Oprah).

Sponsored content is often confused with paid links, where an advertiser is pays solely for link placement. Paid links can get you in trouble with Google, and there’s a fine line between sponsored content and paid links. A good rule of thumb here is that your audience should value the content and learn something from it. It’s the content that matters, not so much the actual link to the paying advertiser.

Selling sponsored content can best be done by yourself, since most networks are easily abused for link building. Depending on your traffic you can charge anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars per post.


5-Advertising on Email

When you run a popular newsletter you can sell space in your emails as well as on your website.

You can charge a one-time fee or promote affiliate deals. If you go the affiliate route, make sure the program allows for email advertising, especially when working with networks.

When you have a few thousands targeted subscribers, it is possible to earn a few hundred dollars on each mailing. Professional newsletter tools allow for excellent split-testing so you can easily try out what works best.

Ads in newsletters are mostly sold directly to advertisers, while for affiliate deals you can use the companies listed above.







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